Welcome to Nursery!

Our Nursery is for children birth through age two. Our passion is to safely care for our little ones and show them the love of God. Our aim for our nursery is to partner with parents to help guide our children in God’s truth at an age appropriate level.


“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” - Luke 2:52

Our vision is to have healthy children in all areas of life; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes people ask, "What type of programs do you have for my children?" We believe the right question is, "How will you be promoting the health and maturity of my children?" How your children grow and what ingredients we give them to grow are vitally important to us here at New Song.

The best picture of our vision is a tree. If a tree has all of the right ingredients it will naturally grow larger and develop in a healthy way. If a tree has the right amount of sunlight, water, and fertilizer, it just keeps growing. In the same way, children that have the right ingredients of love, prayer, instruction and fun will continue to grow and mature.

Our theme verse for our children’s ministry is Luke 2:52 shown above. We believe that the ingredients of wisdom and stature and favor with God and man will give the children what they need to grow in a loving and strong relationship with Jesus Christ.


Partnering with Parents to Raise Spiritual Champions

Nothing is more important than helping children make a decision for Jesus, modeling that lifestyle and then raising them up to be spiritual champions. This is our mission in Children’s Ministry, to partner with our parents to have spiritual champions. Healthy children, spiritual champions: How do we get there? We feel we can accomplish that vision through our mission as a church.

Our mission at New Song is to transform lives for Christ by Reaching up, Reaching In and Reaching out.

The best representation of this transformation is a tree. Just as a tree reaches up to the sun, we reach up to the Son. Just as a tree reaches into the soil for nutrients, we reach into the Word for nourishment. Just as the tree reaches out and bears fruit, we reach out to other brothers and sisters in Christ to bear fruit.

This is a mission that we can model as parents and Kid’s Team members as well as something that our kids can use to help become well-rounded and well- grounded champions for Christ.

Partnering With Parents

As a church, we want to partner with parents to raise their children to be spiritual champions. Talk with your child after class about what they learned and help them to apply it to their lives. Talk with the teachers about the key focus for that day’s lesson. If you have any questions feel free to talk with any of the teachers or the children’s ministry director.


As a church we rely on church members to help with teaching our children the characteristics of God. We ask that parents with children in the classes volunteer once a month. You can volunteer in the nursery, P-K class, elementary class or with the youth. You do not have to volunteer in your child’s classroom.

Click here to volunteer.

Child Safety Procedures

Valuing you and your child’s safety is a priority to us. We have several policies and procedures in place to help ensure that your child’s time spent at New Song is safe!

  • All of our New Song Children's Ministry volunteers are thoroughly screened and a background check is performed.
  • No one under the age of 12 is allowed to carry infants or children.
  • No sick children are allowed in the classroom. If a child displays symptoms of an illness while in the classroom, the parent will be notified to remove the child.
  • All children are to be checked in by their parent or guardian and depending on grade level, to be picked up at the end of the gathering by their parent or guardian.
  • We maintain consistent adult to child ratios so that every child receives adequate attention and encouragement.
  • If a child’s behavior is either disruptive or dangerous to other children and/or teachers, the parent will be contacted to remove the child.
  • If you are needed at any time during the gathering, you will be contacted either by pager or by one of our volunteers.
  • If we ever become aware of any suspected child abuse it will be reported to the proper authorities.


Teri Murray
Children's Ministry Director
[email protected]
(916) 985-6321